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Private client comprises of Wills, probate, powers of attorney, lifetime planning and tax considerations. Whether you are looking to execute a will following bereavement, or you want to plan for the future and protect your assets, we can help.

Our experienced private client team specialise in all matters related to will, trust and probate including, will writing, Islamic wills, obtaining probate and administering the estate and lasting powers of attorney.

We understand that it is often difficult to know what you need unless and until you have sat down with us and talked through your particular circumstances and intentions for the coming years. For your peace of mind, many of our services are provided at a fixed fee.

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A Will is a legal document which ensures you leave your money and estate to the people that you care about meaning absolute peace of mind for you and your family. 

Making your will is probably one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make.  For complete peace of mind, every adult over the age of 18, should have professionally prepared a will. This was you are in control of your estate, your executors and beneficiaries. Without a will, there is no guarantee that your money and possessions will be distributed to your family or your surviving spouse. Dying without a will means you ‘die intestate’ which means that it's the state that dictates who benefits from your estate implementing rules which date back to 1925, not you.

Choosing the right adviser and having confidence in their advice is vital. At Musa Patels LLP, we are experienced in will writing and offer a no-nonsense service without the legal jargon. We offer a service that is completely dedicated to your individual needs. Whether the will is simple or highly complex we draft a will that is geared to our client’s circumstances. It doesn’t cost much or takes a long time to prepare a will and we always offer a fixed fee for will writing. We always like to meet with our clients in person.


Probate and Administration

Probate is the legal process of administering estate of someone who has sadly passed away. The legal process involves dealing with any money, property and possession the deceased had at the time of their death, settling any outstanding debts and collecting any money that was borrowed from the deceased. The estate is then divided amongst the beneficiaries listed in the will or recognised by the intestacy rules.

Probate can be complicated because those dealing with the estate need to liaise with the Probate Registry and HM Revenue and Customs before any assets are sold, accounts are closed and beneficiaries are paid.


We strongly recommend that you instruct a solicitor to act in respect of your probate matters. This is because the executors have got very onerous duties and obligations upon them and it is not always obvious as to whether the executors have acted properly according to the law.


We can help you through this difficult period by obtaining the grant of representation on your behalf together with dealing with any inheritance tax implication. We are fast efficient and cost-effective and will keep you advised every step of the way.

Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney simply means giving a designated individual the power to act for you and make decisions on your behalf about your welfare, money or property, if you are unable to do so in the future. Should you lose your capacity in the present or future, your designated attorney would be able to continue to manage your affairs. Failure of a power of attorney would mean going down the route of Court of Protection should you lose capacity and this can be a costly process.

There are two different types of Lasting Powers of Attorney:

  • Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney

Health and Welfare LPA enables you to choose one or more people to decide for you in relation to your health and personal welfare such as where you live, your day to daycare and medical treatment

Property and Financial Affairs LPA enables you to appoint someone to manage your property and financial affairs such as paying your bills, collecting your income and benefit or even selling your house.

The key thing to remember is that a Lasting Power of Attorney can only be set up while you’re of sound mind. This means when you’ve decided for yourself that you want to make a Lasting Power of Attorney and that you understand what it means. Once you’ve lost mental capacity, it’s too late to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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